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How to make your discord server more fun

Learn how to make your discord server more funny. Boost server activity and engage your community.



January 7th, 2024

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  1. Fun With Would You

  2. Minigames

  3. 1. Truth or Dare

  4. 2. Higher or Lower

  5. 3. Never Have I Ever

  6. 4. Would You Rather

  7. 5. What Would You Do?

  8. Can I Run Events With Would You?

  9. Conclusion

Fun With Would You

Has your Discord server been feeling a bit too quiet lately? Join us as we take a look at all Would You the best fun discord bot has to offer! Let's turn up the excitement together! 🚀🎮

Would You is a fun Discord bot that offers a variety of minigames to help boost activity and engage your community. With a simple setup and easy-to-use commands, Would You is the perfect addition to any server looking to enhance interaction and entertainment. Let's dive into the different minigames offered by Would You and explore how they can help make your Discord server more fun!


1. Truth or Dare

To start a game, simply use /truth or /dare and interact with the embedded buttons to continue playing. This game also features a random button for those moments when you can't decide an option, or wish to add a touch of excitement!

truth or dare preview

2. Higher or Lower

Higher or Lower is an engaging solo game, with members guessing the popularity of two nouns (Person/Place/Thing). Additionally, the /leaderboard command allows for members to compete for the top position in your server.

higher or lower

3. Never Have I Ever

This minigame offers members a chance to discover more about each other while keeping the atmosphere light-hearted and entertaining. Similar to our other minigames, members can interact with the embedded content, eliminating the need to repeatedly run commands and sustaining the enjoyment.

never have I ever preview

4. Would You Rather

Would You Rather stands as one of our most popular and staple minigames. With an ever expanding set of questions, WYR promises an engaging experience for all participants. Members can also view the results for each question, comparing their opinions with others.

would you rather preview

5. What Would You Do?

Similar to Never Have I Ever, but with a twist. What Would You Do provides prompts that invite members to discuss and share their unique approaches to different situations. Like our other minigames, after running the /wwyd command, members can seamlessly continue the fun directly from the embedded content.

what would you do preview

Can I Run Events With Would You?

The short answer is yes. Would You offers the ability to host both simple and complex events. Games like Truth or Dare, What Would You Do, and Never Have I Ever provide more easy-to-participate options for your members.

On the other hand, games like Higher or Lower and Would You Rather offer more competitive and complex events. Higher or Lower is now tracked through our /leaderboard command, allowing members to compete for the top spot not only within your own server but also globally for the bot.


Would You offers an exciting array of Discord minigames, such as Truth or Dare, Higher or Lower, Never Have I Ever, Would You Rather, and What Would You Do. These games can help provide an excellent opportunity to boost activity and engagement within your Discord community, without any complex setup. Whether you're aiming for lighthearted fun or competitive challenges, Would You has you covered, making it the perfect addition to enhance interaction and entertainment within your server.