Privacy Policy

Data Usage

The bot may use stored data, as defined below, for different features including but not limited to: Custom Would You Messages, Guild IDs, Language Selection, Internal Settings. No usage of the data outside of the aforementioned cases will happen, and the data is not shared with any third-party site or service.

Stored Information

The bot may store the following information automatically when a command is run in a new Discord ServerServer name and icon may be used in log channels along with the users profile picture and username after voting. Said channels are publicly avalible to everyone. But no data is stored on our servers.Custom Would You Messages, Guild IDs, Language Selection, Internal SettingsNo other information outside of the above mentioned one will be stored.

Updating Data

The data may be updated when using specific commands. Updating data will require the input of an end user, and data that can be seen as sensitive, such as content of a message, may need to be stored when using certain commands.No other actions may update the stored information at any given time.

Temporarily stored Information

The Bot may store information temporarily in cache for a period of a maximum of 30 days. After this time period, the cached information will be dropped and only be re-added when required.Data may be dropped from cache pre-maturely through actions such as removing the bot from the Server or the bot restarting.

Removal of Data

If your want to get your data removed dm the founders ForGetFulSkyBro#9999 and Dominik#5555 to get all your data wiped.

Manual removal

Manual removal of the data can be requested through email at [email protected] or as mentioned above a dm to the founders. For security reasons, we will ask you to provide us with proof of ownership of the server. It is only the server's owner that may request manual removal and requesting it will result in the bot being removed from the server!